ANTIEK58 is located on the Bloemgracht No. 58, under the Westertoren in the heart of the Jordaan in Amsterdam. Since the business opened in 1995, the owners have looked for items that fit into the atmosphere that appeals to them.

Old, charming, unexpected, funny and useful without making a old-fashioned or heavy impression. They navigate through all the trends out there and choose what they like and what they know their loyal customers also appreciate.
Glass, functional earthenware, small furniture, lighting and decorative objects that elicit a smile from the visitor. Light, colorful, but also applicable to an interior are important conditions. It should not be too dominant, but seamlessly fit in with you already own, or complement what your interior is lacking.

One condition is that it has to be old. It must have lived and it should be visible. "Belle Brocante" as the French call it, but carefully selected "dans son jus", so without any restorations that take out the life.